The Magician Silk Scarf / Pink


Image of The Magician Silk Scarf / Pink

Square shape silk scarf represents Emilia Mala interpretation of the 1st Tarot Major Arcana card: The Magician.

The Magician symbolises power, influence, willpower, resourcefulness, skill, ability, logic, intellect, concentration and psychic powers.

When The Magician appears in a Tarot card reading it is a sign that you have all the skills and abilities you need to be successful. The universe is aligning to bring positive changes your way. This Major Arcana trump card shows you that you must use your intellect, concentration and willpower to make things happen. The Magician usually signifies a time in your life when you have the power to manifest the outcome you want.

60 x 60 cm
100% Silk Twill
Dry clean only
Made in England

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